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I nostri prodotti

Los Granos

Ancestral grains, precious fruits of the Earth, grown, harvested and cooked in the traditional way to preserve the unique nutritional characteristics of these gems. Combinations light and balanced available both hot and cold.Quinoa, Amaranth, Bulgur, Wild Rice accompanied by revisited light sauces such as Light Italian Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes, Paella on clouds (light fish sauce) and Rainbow vegetables (diced fresh vegetables).
Combining grains and sauces, you can prepare vegan and gluten-free meals. We also offer a range of products for celiacs, highly protected against contamination.

Los Frutos

We collect the fruit at its best and within two hours we prepare it with an innovative technological process that holds 95% of the nutritional benefits. We preserve this treasure with care and attention in order to serve smoothies that offer all the energy and freshness of freshly picked fruit. Technology and nature have joined forces to offer a completely natural, with no added ingredients but with all the power of the Earth and the Sun.

Las Tisanas

Lemon and Ginger, a collection of Vitamin C; Apple and Cinnamon, antioxidants and scents; Cranberry and Hibiscus, refreshing with beneficial effects on the circulatory system. We have collected the old recipes of our grandmothers and we have preserved them with innovative technology can offer real fruit, balsamic herbs and a touch of honey to create a precious treasure to be served hot or lightly warmed to increase the refreshness power.

Sándwiches y ensaladas

Fresh salads, freshly picked and immediately prepared to preserve all the fragrance and the crispness of these gifts of our lands. Tuna and Quinoa, Caesar, Poker, Summer CousCous, many recipes for a full meal, light, full of healthy energy and flavor.

Sandwich and Piadine, Chicken and Grana, Salmon, Brie, old recipes for this light portable food, ideal for a break and to eat in style without sacrificing lightness and taste.

Il Menù del ristorante

  • Quinoa /Grani al Pesto Genovese
  • Fresca Primavera – Grani e verdure
  • Insalata Caprese con quinoa – Pomodoro, feta, spinacino, quinoa
  • Oriental Express – Insalata orientale con zenzero, pollo e spezie
  • Parmigianino – Grani e Parmigiano
  • Cous Cous alle verdure miste
  • Insalata Mista – Ghiaccio, rucola, julienne carote, zucchine, valeriana, spinacino
  • Tramezzini Misti
  • Piadine Miste
  • Zuppe
  • Velllutata di piselli
  • Vellutata di carote
  • Frutta fresca macedonia –  Mela, kiwi, arancia, ananas
  • Frutta e yogurt e granola
  • Try me(piccola porzione per assaggiare)
  • Smoothy di frutta fresca
  • Tisane
  • Prodotti gluten free
  • Aperitivo


Water 500ml CocaCola Fruit juice Acaj, Goji Juice
Espresso American Coffee Cappuccino